How a self-taught Developer found his dream job

Meet Arjun Yadav — he is a self-taught developer who is a mathematician by training, a creative by nature and a coder at heart !

As a self-taught Developer — what are the main challenges you have faced ?

Not having a Computer Science degree was a big NO from many employers… I challenged this and was able to show that my self-taught skills were to a good level. However, the start-up environment was more open, and has been an amazing way to get my career started and to start building on the foundations I had laid at home.

A few things which helped me to get here were…. Online courses, tutorials, building a site and a creating a strong portfolio of work to share.

Clearly you are very mathematical — what made you take the leap into becoming a software developer? And looking back, how do you feel about this now ?

Well, there is such an overlap in the way of thinking between mathematics and coding, it was a fairly natural step… but one which wasn’t easy and required a crazy amount of hours programming !

What would you say are your top tech skills ?

JavaScript, but would love the chance to keep learning new technologies !

What is your favourite aspects of your work ?

Being a Front-end Developer perfectly mixes the numerical brain and creativityYou can see what you build !

When did you write your first line of code ?

At University — a while ago! During modules where I used MatLab and R, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

What has been your favourite ever project ? Why ?

Building a custom wordpress site from start to end — It was my first big project for a client… and one that taught me a lot…

What tech communities are you a part of and how has this impacted your career ?

I have been inspired by a lot of people in the tech community, including some great mentor figures who have shared their insights at meetups — it’s been great learning what others are working on, their favourite languages and getting career advice from the developers a bit further along in their career.

What was your experience of finding a new role via a platform?

HireFirst was a good mix of platform and working with Emily, it’s really useful to have both together- being able to see the different roles but having a human approach to guide me through the process.

The platform was easy to use and the added feature of CV recommendations helped make my applications better. Tips emails and emails highlighting new roles that I matched with was great too!

I had used one other platform in my job search but I preferred the experience with HireFirst.

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