My Passion for Development

An interview with Tristan, our Lead Talent Coach for UK.

So anyone who’s spoken to me, knows that I have always been very passionate about technology and learning, from working at apple and troubleshooting/carrying out repairs to working as an IT Trainer in the energy industry. So when I was offered the chance with the startup at HireFirst to go on an intense evening course and really learn about development, programming, networking & cyber security naturally I jumped at the chance!

6 exams down, 2 modules completed, 50+ lattes and 1 full semester passed, I wanted to reflect a little and talk about one of the exciting projects I completed.

So over the last 13 weeks I’ve been working with Linux Bash Shell Scripting (nothing too fancy) but was very proud to of been able to have created a small script in the vi editor that could both add and record tickets an IT Service Desk would receive, and then link this with other functions such as a searchable function for common issues, names of staff, department name + time and date. Is it lame to admit I had great fun creating multiple “users” names akin to “Benedict Cumcumberpatch” or “Gene Calmer”?

It wasn’t easy, and in a typically poetically cliché fashion one part of the script stopped working at the 11th hour; causing everything in the process to break… including my brain. Fortunately my lecturer was on hand to review my code and quickly saw a very rookie error (a duplicated letter in a path) *phew* all fixed and working again! I’ve gained a lot of respect for people working with Linux Bash and how even one tiny unforeseen error can really halt everything.

I also found designing, creating and filling a large relational SQL database followed by running more and more complex queries was equally as entertaining. Funnily enough I found this module relatively simple; probably all that practice of Boolean I’ve had over the years doing technical recruitment!

Completing my Linux Shell Scripting and my SQL Development modules has already filled in so many technical-blackspots I had; and helps me daily when I’m talking to people of all levels in the tech world. I think it really makes a world of difference to people looking for advice on their next career steps to be speaking to someone who understands the principles of Computer Science and in turn helps me understand their journey better.

To summarise before I go on all day about this (I really could) I think it’s really important to have a genuine deep-passion for what you do which Is why I love working in HireFirst; and everyone I work with. I’m disappointed to hear so many people aren’t in this position and we want to help you get to this point too with

Next on the agenda? OOP Programming (C#) for the next 13 weeks, and a Networking Switching with a CCNA Qualification at the end of 26 weeks! I love talking about it, so feel free to ask me how it’s going at