Success Story: Finding a new tech job in a new city

We interviewed Yamuna, a talented QA Engineer, who started working at Monese thanks to HireFirst’s platform and support from her Talent Coach Chris.

We interviewed Yamuna, a talented QA Engineer, who started working at Monese thanks to HireFirst’s platform and support from her Talent Coach Chris. She started over a month ago and she is sharing with us her experience with our platform and her passion for coding. Here is her story :

Who or what inspired you to work in technology?

Let me tell you a little background for this question, I completed my degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering with distinction. Within one month, I got placed in a Multi-National Company, where I was hired for as a Manual Tester and immediately started working on a project. In that project , my lead was very supportive and encouraged me to learn about automation and new technologies. He used to say only one thing “Always Keep yourself updated with the World “. From then on, I was slowly working on the how automation worked and what it can do and how it can reduce the manual effects etc…

Which technologies are you most interested in learning or improving your skills in?

Mainly the automation challenges are most interesting to learn for me.

What are you most enjoying about your new role at Monese?

Firstly I would like thank Chris and “HireFirst” for connecting me with such a lovely Monese Family. My new role at Monese is very interesting to me . There is a lot of learning new things. Daily I’m taking at least one new learning point back with me 🙂


How have you found moving to a new city? What are the main difference?

Fabulous, London is such a lovely city. I can say it one word as “home away from my home”. I mainly notice the differences in food, that may be because i’m very choosy at eating things 🙂 and being vegetarian there are very limited options for me here.

What was your experience of finding a new role via a platform?

HireFirst is an AI platform, which is simply superb, fabulous, and anything more than that ☺️. I find Talent Coaches are very friendly and good support for all the candidates on the platform. The best part which i have seen here is the dedication and constant interaction with the candidates and the clients. And the most important thing which i loved here is the transparency maintained between two parties of interest.

HireFirst’s Platform

What support did you receive (from HireFirst) throughout your job search and how did this help you to secure the right role for you?

Firstly the platform will match the jobs based on the candidates profile. This reduces the time where people will spend searching the bulk of jobs in the job sites. The platform will show only the jobs which are matched and suitable for your skill set and all other requirements. This will filter out the roles which are not right. And applying for jobs is also very simple.

What would say to your 18 year old self if you could give some advice about working in tech?

It’s not only about the tech, whatever field you might work in, you should be happy with your work at the end the day☺️. It’s purely my motto.

We’re so happy to have helped Yamuna to find her new job, and we hope to support many others. Watch this space for more stories from our candidates! is an AI-led recruitment platform built for tech professionals in London & Paris. We currently have live roles for Data, Mobile,…If you’re interested in joining us, please create a profile on…. and we will be in touch soon!