The best way to break into the tech industry is to learn what the market demands

HireFirst sat down with Ricardo Mallols, Founder of, to talk about his inspiration for the bootcamp and what makes a good developer.

Describe Kodiri in 1 sentence.

Kodiri is a platform, community & coding group to help improve your programming skills.

What inspired you to set up Kodiri?

I realised there was a disconnect between the majority of (expensive) coding schools and the tech industry itself. People paid a lot of money to learn, and in some cases they were taught things that weren’t quite what companies were looking for.

Though I respect every learning path, IMHO the best way to maximise your chances of breaking into the industry is to learn what the market demands -rather than focusing on too many things that are not that popular. We at Kodiri try to minimise the gap between the coding academies and the tech industry by learning not only the most advanced coding techniques and frameworks, but also agile methodologies and how to work as a team.

Who should join the community?

Anybody looking to improve or test their coding skills. We help beginners or people who come from different technical backgrounds to break into the JavaScript market.

Hard at work at the Kodiri x HireFirst challenge in July

Can you share a couple of your success stories?

The very first student to sign up was a former bodyguard. He had no coding or technical experience; but what he did have was enthusiasm for code. He started reaching out to CTOs on LinkedIn before he’d even finished the cohort, and managed to secure himself his first role in tech.

Another story that springs to mind was someone who came straight from University and also had no coding experience. Again, it was his attitude towards learning that meant he was able to progress very far in a short period of time, and led to him securing a job at Sky. Sky have a very high bar when hiring developers, so it’s great to see students being hired straight from Kodiri.

These success stories makes the purpose of Kodiri all the more relevant; I feel proud to have been able to guide and coach these people, and I’m excited for what the future holds for them.

What do you think are the foundations to a good developer?

Very simply: attitude, energy and motivation are all they need in my opinion.

What is your favourite aspect of having a career in technology?

The social aspect. I find being able to work closely with people, struggling alongside them and working towards positive outcomes, truly rewarding. My favourite part of Kodiri is being able to work with people with no experience and watch them develop and climb higher within their roles — and then come back to join the community as experienced developers to help others learn.

When did you write your first line of code?

I wrote first line of code in school in Valencia, Spain around 20 years ago. It was not standard in school, but you were able to take a class around “computers”, which ivolved some basic coding. I then went to uni to master the “art” of coding and got my degree. My first role was a Front End Developer in Spain for a small start up building websites. I came to the UK in 2014, having lived in multiple countries in Europe beforehand.

Word to companies sceptical on hiring juniors?

Many years ago it was very hard to get a job without a degree, but that has changed and it is not as important today. Today though, many companies are asking for commercial experience.

With coding you need to prove that you can solve problems. When interviewing, it’s very clear you either can or you can’t do that.

Our main goal is to educate the industry on why commercial experience isn’t the be all and end all. Stack overflow recently released their annual survey and one question posed to employers was, “Would you hire someone from a boot camp?” This year 57% said yes, and the number is going up year after year. In order to be competitive in the hiring market, you cannot keep a focus on hiring experienced developers only, and must broaden your mind to people from other backgrounds.

How did you enjoy teaming up with HireFirst?

Working with HireFirst was really great! I really enjoyed our first event together and the feedback from the community has been very positive. Everybody stayed around after the event, and a lot of people headed to the pub together afterwards. This is a big thing for us: not only having our platform, but having an actual community for people to network and socialise within. It’s great that HireFirst are aligned with our values.

Any other events coming up?

We host or co-host events on a weekly basis —click here to view all our upcoming events.

Anything else you want to plug?

Kodiri Cohorts last 8 weeks; if you have the right attitude and the motivation you can get a job in tech, regardless of your background. It’s as simple as that. The Kodiri platform is free to use, you can learn to code and get help from other developers. (Join at

Thanks so much for speaking with us, Ricardo!

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